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C r e a t i n g J a p a n E n t r y P l a n

Now, you have completed your Local Market Assessment and have a very good understanding of the Japanese market. The next step, Beare believes, is the development of the executable Japan Entry Plan.

As a Japanese proverb has it "You should never fear of losing any battle when you know your enemy well and know yourself even better", at this stage, Beare works closely with you to first analyze "what you really are to the Japanese market" and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This exercise gives the foundation in building the executable Japan Entry Plan.

Once in a while, however, there are cases where we agree that there is no market in Japan for your services and products as is. Even in these cases, Beare will not give up easily. We will work with you to identify any parts or components of your offerings which could be presented to a local partner to reborn as a seed of completely new local products and services that would bring you an enjoyable license business contracts.
Beare strives to offer a fast and cost effective strategy building process. The ATDE* is less than 1 month.

ATDE* : Average Time to Develop Entry plan

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