Optional Service

With Beare's Optional Services you can further ensure success with your Japan entry.

Creative Services

Sales Tool Preparation Service
The Web has gone from optional to must-have. We help you design a site for Japan with our know-how that is NOT about fancy graphics, but about meeting your strategic goals. Whether you need online applications and functionality or a powerful lead-generation tool, our Web specialists give you an Internet resource that works and looks great.
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Sales Tool Preparation Service
Sales documentations such as presentations, datasheets, fact sheets, and whitepapers, often play a bigger role in Japan's purchase decision process than in many other countries. Beare offers not only to translate all your sales documentations but also to fully localize them to assure conveyance of your messages to the Japanese native readers. Just send us data of original documents, everything shall be prepared before your meeting in Japan.
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Fast-Lane Competitive Analysis Service
Because, as in many other countries, especially in the high-tech arena, there are many products and services that are only offered inside Japan by local vendors, the competitive landscape can have a very different look from that of the market outside. In this service, we quickly pick up the services and products that may compete with you and do the quick analysis on features and specifications. We provide chalts, graphs, and diagram to visualize it for you. (Click here for full fledged Local Market Assessment Service.)
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Other Services

Express Entrance Service
"Action First" - This is what Beare believes in. If you agree and you want to skip all those "assessment" and "reports" stuff, and go straight into "selling", this is the service you are looking for. Beare's senior marketer will engage with you and quickly come up with a list of target customers or partners, to whom you will be presenting your services and products face to face within a matter of weeks.
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Temporary Professional Staffing Service
"Do you want to "strike an iron while it is red hot"? When you need a dedicated professional staff locally to materialize on an opportunity that surfaces unexpectedly, and when hiring qualified personnel takes too much money and time, Beare offers to make an arrangement for temporary professional staff to fulfill your short term requirements.
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Media Relation Management Service
How do you plan to brand your products/services in Japan? We know media exposure is an important ingredient to a successful entrance to the Japanese market. However, the Japanese media seldom pick up press materials released overseas in English. Therefore, you need an original press materials tailored for the Japanese media in order to appear on the press. Beare helps you create such press materials and position your products and/or services through media such as industry newspaper/magazines and other on-line industry news sources. Media Relation Management Service include organizing a "press conference" when your executives visit Japan to give an important announcement.
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Exhibition Management Service
Participation to various local tradeshows and exhibitions may be an expressway to the Japan market entrance. Beare's Exhibition Management Service include creation of booth itself, fully localized booth materials such hand-outs and posters/panel as well as negotiations with the event organizers.
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Roadshow Service

Beare will conduct Roadshows with your targeted customers according to the following plan:

A) Prepare Japanese Sales Material
Translate sales and technical documents
-Data Sheet
-Company Profile
B) List up target customers
Research the market and investigate key player in the market in order to find target customers.
C) List up potential partners
Find appropriate partners.
D) Assess local competitors' information
Investigate local competitors' products and business in order to have deep insight to Japanese market.
E) Pre-Meeting with target customers and potential partners
Visit target customers and potential partners in order to introduce you and gather information. After this Pre-meeting, we feed back to you Customer and Partner information.
F) Arrange the appointment with target customers for "Roadshow"
G) Arrange the appointment with potential partners for "Roadshow"
H) Execution Roadshow
We visit together with you Roadshow and interpret during the meeting.
I) Roadshow Period
The Schedule of Roadshow shall be determined by the end of term of this agreement based on mutual agreement. 3 months
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Local Representative Service
In many cases, your potential Japanese customers (partners) will ask you whether you have a local office set up. They ask this question because they want to measure your commitment to the Japanese market. They ask this question before they engage in actual business transactions. Beare offers a set of services both from legal and HR stand point so that you can quickly reply "yes" to this question. Clients need not to have any office or phone numbers because Beare provides them to you. Firms from overseas are often times advised, or even pressured; to set up KK (local "corporation") in the early stages but Beare believes it can wait until you have further confidences about the Japanese Market.
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Professional Service
In order to conduct respectful business in Japan, often times it requires assistances from very specialized professionals such as lawyers and certified accountants. These professional services are usually very expensive in Japan as they are in many parts of the world. It could be even more expensive if you do not know "how it works". In order to avoid not-otherwise-necessary expenditure, Beare offers a set of service when dealing with such professionals by providing recommendations and introductions to save expenses because we know "how it works". Please take advantage of our expertise even when you are ready to file legal registration of your local KK office.
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