Our ATFP* is less than three months and all of experiences are including partner management in order to drive sales.(ATFP* : Average Time to Find Partner)
Only local staff can do that. Beare is Japanese firm for foreign start-up companies.

Software Vendor

Verimatrix provides video/audio DRM(Digital Right Management) software company who has been authorized by Hollywood studios. Target customer in Japan was IPTV service providers. Achieved most of main IPTV market share in Japan in those days. Recruited new distributor partnership with CTC(Itochu Techno-Solutions Corporation). Supported for NTT Communications project, NTT West/Itochu (On-DemandTV) project, Leoparace21project including embedded into STB such as Sumitomo and Korean STB vendors. Built and managed the relationship with video server, STB, middleware vendors and Cisco Japan.

StarBurst Communications(StarBurst Software) only a company provided non-real time one to many multicast content distribution software (OminiCast) in those days.
Executed distributor CTC sales training, actual sales action with distributor's sales. As result, sold to the biggest car company in the world for Kisok system. In addition to, identified and negotiated new additional distributor (Hitachi-IT). Then, monitored and managed both existing and new additional distributors. StarBurst was acquired by Adero Inc.

Digital Fountain who experts in broadcast and real-time data transport, Digital Fountain software optimizes the delivery of digital media over any network. Beare signed the agreement with the biggest system integrator in Japan who IPO company at Tokyo Stock Exchange. They were distributor of Digital Fountain.
We offered sales and marketing consulting service such as Market Assessment including Competitive Landscape, Developed Pricing Strategy and Sales Training. Moreover, executed actual sales activity for Japanese cell phone company.

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Hardware Vendor

Scopus Video Networks provides comprehensive digital video networking solutions include intelligent video gateways(MUX and IP/ASI/QPSK-gateway), encoders, decoders, modulator and network management products(NMS).Harmonic acquired Scopus in December 2008. Performed market assessment, tripled revenue at 1st year with the biggest shopping channel, established additional distributors with Sanshin Electronics and ForA. Executed sales training, actual sales and developed new customers including enterprise(BusinessTV application), satellite operators(such as SkyPerfecTV group) and Telco. Plus, supported post-sales activity with HQ engineers.

RFCode Inc. provides active RFID system as the leading company active RFID market. Their target industry environments including IT, healthcare, defense, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation and homeland security. We signed the sales and marketing consultation agreement with MKI (Mitsui Knowledge Industry: Tokyo Stock Exchange 2665). They were RFCode distributor. Beare supported MKI's RFCode business such as created promotion plan, supported communication with RFcode and sold over 10 universities including Tokyo University. Currently iTECH is exclusive RFCode's distributor and we are iTEC's reseller in Japan.

Pico Digital, Inc. provides unique comprehensive customer solutions in the broadband, satellite, cable and broadcast markets. We investigated Japan TV market including digital terrestrial/broadcasters, BS(Broadcasting Satellite), CS(Communication Satellite/SkyPerfecJSAT), IPTV including AcTVila), cables and hospitality market. And also we researched Japan standardization and its differentiation between ARIB, DVB and ATSC. Finally we provided end-user segmentations report, corrected local competitive landscape, gathered off-the record market information and customer’s voices with analyzed and major trend in Japan.

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Service Provider

Dialpad Japan was Dialpad Communications's subsidiary in those days. Developed business plan and pricing strategy as sales and marketing consultation.

Recruited broadband ISP partners such as NEC/Biglobe who is one of the biggest ISP, K-Opticom who is parents company of Kansai Electric Power company and others.
Dialpad was acquired by Yahoo!

Adero was a venture-founded, global CDN (Content Distribution Network) service provider. Launched by NETWORKWORLD magazine as one of the top network vendors to watch in 2000. Adero supplied content management and distribution, and revenue sharing and billing service to create a more efficient internet experience for e-business and end users.

Developed first distributor partnership with NVC and implemented sales & marketing activity.

Direct Internet Corporation provided "satellite internet" across Asia and Oceania area by using HNS(Hughes Network System) DirecPC technology. This service was very unique and attracted attention in those days. An article was carried by Nikkei news paper and others.
Executed product marketing, Marketing communications, created franchisee strategy for overseas Telco and executed actual overseas sales in Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan Singapore and Indonesia. Moreover, implemented sales training for domestic partners across Japan.

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Software Vendor

Dialpad Communications was established in USA as spin out from Serome Technologies, Inc.who was the fastest IPO company at KOSDAQ. Dialpad was VoIP PC to Phone, PC to PC service provider. They were market leader (over 12 million resisted users and commands a 46% share of the worldwide retail Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market.) in those days.
Developed Dialpad Japan business model,plan and negotiated Dialpad Communication and Serome Technologies Inc. Set up subsidiary and recruited staffs. Dialpad Communications Inc. was acquired by Yahoo!

DirecPC service offered by Hughes Network Systems that provides Internet access through private satellite dishes. Requests for Web pages went through a normal modem connection but pages were delivered through the satellite link.
Planed new company that utilize PanAmSat(Intelsat) satellite and DirecPC technology.
Developed company business plan/model, recruited investors, successes raising 3.5MUS$ investment from Sony Music Entertainment, Hitachi Cable, SoftBank(Japan Telecom), and others. This company name was decided as DirectInternet Corporation.

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